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Yoga Mad Warrior II 4mm Yoga Mat

AZ2 -| Product - 2980743

Yoga Mad Warrior II 4mm Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mad Warrior II 4mm yoga mat offers a solid and firm surface enabling you to hold the asanas for longerThis non-slip, 4mm (0.2’’) thick yoga mat allows to perform the transition of poses effectively and ensures enough padding to let you feel comfortable during practiceTo prevent you from injury and help you gain more confidence when performing asanas, the mat guarantees good traction and an improved gripIt is lightweight and easy to carry to and from the studio and can be machine washed at 40°CPlus, the mat is Oeko Tex certified, making it free of any chemicals.

14-11-2022 10:35
12-04-2016 17:40
Yoga Mats

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