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Hotline HLB170 Raptor Battery / Mains Electric Fence Energiser/Fencer

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Hotline HLB170 Raptor Battery / Mains Electric Fence Energiser/Fencer

The Raptor electric fence energiser by HotlineIf you're looking for durability, high quality, simplicity and extra flexibility - The Raptor range is your perfect choiceThis energiser will operate from 3 different power sources: mains supply (230v), external 12v battery and internal 6v spring top battery.

This energiser has a real-time performance monitoring system built-in, the three colour rotating LED shows you how much effective voltage you have on the fence (Poor, Acceptable or Good)A central LED shows you when 12v battery is low or if the energiser is running from the backup 6v battery.


Input Joule: 1.7j

MaxOutput Joule: 1.3j

MaxVolts: 8.6 kV

Volts Under Load: 4.6 kV

MaxDistance: 18 km

Consumption: 180 mA

Available accessories

1m ground stake (Required)

internal 6v spring top battery (Optional, but recommended)

Solar panel (Optional)

Equestrian Co.
05-02-2024 17:44
02-04-2019 23:04
Equestrian Co.

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