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Hotline HLC120 Gemini 120 Battery / Mains Electric Fence Energiser

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Hotline HLC120 Gemini 120 Battery / Mains Electric Fence Energiser

The most powerful energiser from the Gemini range, made from those electric fencing whiz kids over at Hotline - the Gemini 120 is an incredible piece of kit can power a staggering eighteen kilometres of fencing! Depending on your preference, you can hook this energiser up straight to the mains, or connect to a battery to power your fencingMade in the UK, Hotline pride themselves on the quality of their products, and we stock them because we know just how sturdy their products can beThe Gemini 120 is featuring a low battery and pulse indicator, able to hold a charge for five weeks, is encased in a galvanised stand to protect against even the worst of British weather

Input Joule: 2.4j

MaxOutput Joule: 1.2j

MaxVolts: 8.1 kV

Volts Under Load: 4.8 kV

MaxDistance: 18 km

Consumption: 2.6w

Contains low battery/pulse indicator

Galvanised stand

Battery lasts for approx5 weeks

Made in the UK

Solar assist panel available.

What's in the box?


Stand & mounting studs

12v input lead for battery operation

Ground connection lead

Fence connection lead

Mains power adaptor

Important: 1m ground stake required.

Click here to download installation instructions.

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