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Mini Library Zone BUNDLE OFFER!

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Mini Library Zone BUNDLE OFFER!


Promote literacy skills and a love of reading with our Mini Library ZoneThere's plenty of book storage space, plus a configuration that creates an ideal cosy reading environment As a finishing touch, why not add some comfy cushions such as our Rainbow Soft Cushion Set (PT445)

Suggested area for this configuration - 3.64m x 2.70m

Items included;PT584 Low Mobile Display Storage Unit (with Baskets)PT619 Mobile Tall Book Display PT608 Open Storage Unit PT615 Double-sided Book Display Unit Free Room Planning!

We offer a completely free and comprehensive space planning service for our customers, and with over 40 years' experience making resources for schools and nurseries, our team of experts know how to design a space which is not only great to be in, but conducive to learning, development and play.

Utilising our team of industry experienced design engineers, we can handle any size of project, from a small room to an entire school or nursery, including any outdoor space you may haveWe can work from architectural drawings, or alternatively one of our sales team can arrange a FREE site visitAs part of this service we will supply detailed drawings and a comprehensive quote, plus practical advice and product information.

So let us take the hassle out of your project, and give us a call on 0800 6125432 or email discuss your requirements.

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