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Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat

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Viavito Asuryama 4mm Yoga Mat

Reach full potential in every area of your yoga practice using the Viavito Asuryama 4mm yoga matThis generously sized (183x61cm) yoga mat is designed to help you build endurance, flexibility and strength while working the different series of posturesPrinted with a beautiful mandala pattern for focus and meditation, the Asuryama lets you take the most out of your yoga sessionsIt features a central line and side markers to facilitate proper alignment and enable you to stay centred throughout your practiceTo provide impact reduction and enhanced cushioning, the mat is 4mm (0.2”) thick and offers a honeycomb textured design delivering a high-grip, anti-slip surface and a stable base for various asanasPlus, it is lightweight, waterproof and soft to touch and comes with an elastic carry strap for comfortable transportation to and from the studio...

05-12-2022 17:41
23-08-2021 22:59
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