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Viavito Organic Cotton Buckwheat Filled Yoga Bolster

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Viavito Organic Cotton Buckwheat Filled Yoga Bolster

The Viavito organic cotton buckwheat filled yoga bolster is a practical accessory designed to provide a great balance of comfort and supportIt is suitable for relaxation and deep breathing exercises and can be used for restorative and pregnancy yoga sessionsThe bolster not only helps to improve body posture, blood circulation and metabolism, but also eases muscle tension and encourages total releaseTo let you maintain proper alignment in certain poses, the bolster moulds to the shape of your body and ensures firm grounding to prevent overstretchingPlus, it is filled with buckwheat hulls and has a zipped outer cover made of cottonThe bolster can be comfortably carried to your regular yoga classes thanks to a carry handle on the side.

18-01-2024 14:35
23-08-2021 22:59

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